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Acne scarring: an update inclusive of our research

Acne scarring: an update inclusive of our research More than half of those with acne can also develop acne scars. Acne scars can be seen across the spectrum of acne severity. Acne scars are defined as those developing from preceding acne and that are due to loss or increased skin volume. They do not refer [...]

Acne scarring: an update inclusive of our research2021-01-11T21:49:23+00:00

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Skin Cancer

1. Sunscreen Early and Often Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF (sun protection factor) 30 is recommended. Sunscreen won’t be fully effective until it is absorbed into the skin, which typically takes about 30 minutes. When outside, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours, especially to commonly missed spots such as [...]

Top 10 Ways To Prevent Skin Cancer2020-07-16T15:28:06+00:00

A Dermatologist’s Guide to Skin-Healthy Sleep | Part 1 |

A good nights’ sleep will do wonders for all of you Take care of your body and your mind and you’ll be taking care of your skin.   Appropriate rest and a good night’s sleep are critical to brain function, your skin, your gut, and the rest of your body. This is due to the [...]

A Dermatologist’s Guide to Skin-Healthy Sleep | Part 1 |2020-03-12T03:10:54+00:00

Winter Health and Skin Tips!

Winter is officially here! With the new season, Dr. Tan and the Healthy Image team have some winter skincare tips to combat the cold months ahead.   Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate The drop in outdoor temperature is a primary culprit of winter skin dryness, but so is the accompanying rise in indoor temperatures. Indoor heating is [...]

Winter Health and Skin Tips!2020-02-03T19:32:21+00:00

Hair Loss

What is the natural history of our scalp hair? We are born with a limited number of hair roots. Hair roots are in a continuous state of active growth, transition, and rest corresponding to the hair cycle of growth, shedding and renewal. The thousands of hair roots are in different stages of cycling which is [...]

Hair Loss2019-11-12T22:50:54+00:00

Acne Scars

After the red pimples from acne subside, many people are left with dark marks and skin indentations or persistent elevations. Dark marks which are not indented are called pigmentation. These can be managed with surface treatments such as facials and exfoliating creams containing vitamin A. Red marks which are not indented are called erythema, and [...]

Acne Scars2019-11-12T22:51:39+00:00

Facial Enhancement & Skin Health

The skin is comprised of an outer layer of protein structures held together by oil, called lipids. Below this is the growing layer of skin cells, called keratinocytes, that continually replenish the outer layer which is continuously shed. Deeper to this is the dermal layer which contains structural components for strength, rigidity, and elasticity, and [...]

Facial Enhancement & Skin Health2019-11-12T22:42:10+00:00
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