We prefer that you bring a family member or an interpreter with you to your visit if you do not speak, read, or write English very well.  This will help Dr. Tan and the nursing staff provide you with better service and understanding of your condition.

A missed appointment for a new consultation is $110.  Missed follow-up appointments are charged $50.

Bring your health card and a list of medications you take regularly as well as anything you have tried for your skin condition specifically.

To help save time, feel free to print out and complete the intial assessment page located here:  Initial Assessment Form.  Please bring this with you to your appointment.

We do provide some prescription refills over the phone.  The cost is $15.  If you have not seen Dr. Tan in more than 1 year, no refills will be provided.

If Dr. Tan asked you to continue follow-up with your family doctor on your last visit, you will need another referral to be seen by him again.